Console Scrims Launched

Updated on 8/19/2018, 4:00:00 AM

Put down your keyboards, FNPL is now cross platform! We have launched another Discord, "FNPL Console Scrims”. This will be an area for Xbox, PS4, and Switch players to play competitive snipe matches.

We're starting the snipes on NA-East for all platforms and will expand into more regions as the demand grows. We'll simply add another category for that region.

Console Schedule

  • Duos: 12AM - 7AM EST
  • Solos: 7AM - 5PM EST
  • Duos: 5PM - 7PM EST
  • Squads: 7PM - 11PM EST
  • Duos: 11PM - 12PM EST

Matches automatically start every 30 minutes. Simply check the #snipe-announcements channel for the next match time.

Also, we're not going to be running a league. As current Fortnite events are cross-platform we do not see the need to have a console only league. We are still open to having events and tournaments in the future.