Constant Snipe Scrims

Updated on 8/19/2018, 4:00:00 AM

Scrimsare when multiple players queue at the same time to verse each other in the same match. We host daily snipes on NA-East, NA-West, and EU on our website.

How to Join:

  • Login to our website (top right)
  • Click the "Web Snipes" tab and you'll see the match lobbies
  • Choose the match you wish to participate in
  • Check the left side for information about the current match
    • Games start 30 minutes after the previous match
    • For hosted games, the leader will announce the mode (duos or squads)
  • Queue when the countdown says "Go", sound alerts will play
    • Before hand, make sure to preload your content to join matches quicker
    • You do this by pressing "Play" then cancelling it when it hits 100%
  • Input the last 3 characters of your match ID into the "codes" popup
    • You can find this in the pre-game lobby at the top left of your screen
    • Ex: If the code is 4735ce9132924caf8a5b17789b40f79c, input "79c" in
  • You will be able to see the most populated matches as people enter their codes
  • If you're in a big lobby, stay and play!


  • Toxicity of any kind isn't tolerated (this includes voice and text)
  • Don't abuse exploits or game impacting bugs

Ready to play? Join and wait for a match to begin.