Duo League Launching

Updated on 8/17/2018, 4:00:00 AM

Separate from our NA Squads League, we’re launching a Duos League on September 1st for both NA and EU. The Duos League will take place the following days, while the Squads League schedule will remain the same:

NA Duo Schedule

  • Monday - 7PM EST
  • Tuesday - 7PM EST
  • Thursday - 7PM EST

EU Duo Schedule

  • Monday - 7PM BST (GMT +1)
  • Tuesday - 7PM BST (GMT +1)
  • Thursday - 7PM BST (GMT +1)

We’re giving you time to invite your duos and practice for the league. The duos system allows you and a partner to pair up through the Discord commands: !duo <@partner> Ex: !duo @Putty. Feel free to invite your partner now!

This will allow us to keep track of duo teams on the leaderboards and profile pages. Once you are committed to a player, your points cannot be transferred to another. If you leave your duo partner, your points and wins will be wiped for the season.

Many members have voiced their desire for a Duo League and since Epic seems mainly focused on duos and solos for their Summer Skirmishes, it only makes sense for us to recognize more than just squads.