League & Website Update

Updated on 2/9/2019, 3:14:39 AM

New League Season

League will be starting back up this Friday, February 8th! We will be following our new point system, as well as a $1,000 prize pool for Duo Champs provided by Team Liquid.

Duo League Info

Squad League Info

League Changelog

  • You can see all league matches you have access to in the lobby
  • You’re now required to have a duo to participate in the Duo League
  • You’re now required to be in a team to participate in the Squad League
  • Teams/Duos can no longer double enter codes in league matches

Website Snipes

We have fully moved our snipes to our website! This includes regular day to day snipes, ranked and league matches. Our website has synchronized, latency corrected countdowns to ensure everyone is queueing at the exact same moment, regardless of your ping.

We felt this change was necessary due to the limitations we’ve been experiencing with Discord. Due to our size, our Discord server constantly experiences server outages causing our bots to become unresponsive. By moving our snipes to our website, our Discord will turn into a community hub for competitive Fortnite players where you may converse, make suggestions or find teammates. Discord will still be used as our main form of communication with our community.

You must be logged into our website to participate. Quick links:

Ranked Solos - Deadline Extension

Our Solo Ranked is back! We originally ran our Ranked Solos of Discord’s text-to-speech feature. This feature has recently been broken for all clients, so we have gone ahead and moved our ranked solos to our website. Because of the downtime, our $3,000 prize pool deadline has been extended to February 22nd. There’s still plenty of time to get in on the action!

Auto Code Detection is Back

Our FNPL Bot was experiencing issues where it wouldn’t always detect someone’s game id. This issue has been fixed, and the feature is now back! If you’d like to have your code auto detected so you don’t have to type it in, follow the instructions below:

  • Add the account “FNPL Bot” on Epic Games
  • Once the bot accepts your friend request, take the command it gives you and paste it in the #bot-spam channel in any of our Discords
  • That’s it! You’ve now linked your Discord account to Fortnite. As long as you’re logged into that Discord account on our website, your code will be auto detected for you!

Player Profiles

We aim to take our website beyond just snipes, and the first step in this direction is personalized profiles. You can edit your website name, upload a new avatar and setup your socials all from your profile page. Soon you’ll be able to setup your gear and upload your Fortnite configuration for others to see and download. Click “Edit Profile” in your drop down menu to get started!

New Ticket/Report System

To make communication between staff and the community easier, we’ve implemented a brand new ticket/report system right on our website. You’ll be able to see the current status of your ticket, as well as reply to any comments left by staff. This will become a strong area of focus for our staff team, and will try to get a response to everyone within a timely manner. You can submit and access your tickets from your drop down menu.

New League Submission Page

Knowing the status of your point submission has never been easier. On our new league submission page, you can see all your submission that are either waiting, pending, accepted or denied. If your ticket was denied you’ll be able to see who denied it, along with the deny reason. Never miss out on your points again! Submitting points is easy, just choose the match you’re submitting for and input your results. You can submit and check your submissions from your drop down menu.