New Intermediate League

Updated on 8/16/2018, 4:00:00 AM

Open League - Open League is open to whoever wants to participate, this is where all teams start. The top 25 at the end of every season will be moved into the Intermediate League. You may join the league at any time in the season.

Intermediate League - Intermediate will consist of 100 teams. The top 25 from intermediate will be moved into the Champs League while the bottom 25 get moved into the Open League at the end of each season.

Champs League - Champs League will consist of 50 teams. The top performing teams from this league will be considered to move into the Pro League while the bottom 25 will be returned to the Intermediate League at the end of each season.

Pro League - Ran on the FN Pro League Discord. This contains organizations such as FaZe, TSM, Liquid, Content Creators, and the most talented pro players. We will be choosing the top players from the Champs League to be moved up the the Pro League.

Our league has grown so rapidly that the need for another division was clear. It allows players to progressively climb a ladder and improve their skill. This also gives a bit of a buffer between the open league and the exclusive leagues. Each division presents a new challenge to overcome.

Since we’re introducing a new division between Open and Champs, here’s how the Intermediate League will work for the current season:

  • At the end of the season (August 31st) we will be moving the top 50 teams into Champs and the top 51-150 teams into Intermediate.
  • Next season, we will revert to the promotion method described above.