Squad League 2.0

Updated on 2/8/2019, 11:19:43 PM

Similar to our duo revamp, we’re also making some changes to our squad league to improve the overall competitive experience. What does this new system try to accomplish?

  • Re-establish the importance of competitive practice
  • Increase “end-game” playstyles, and quality of play
  • Solution to excessive bricking
  • Speed up the points calculation and leaderboards
  • Increase lobby populations & league participation

Eliminate Intermediate, Increase Champs to 150 Teams

Instead of having an Intermediate Division, we will instead fill Champs up to 150 teams. This should increase the lobby size to ensure more matches while still having a barrier between Champs and Open.


Unfortunately we don’t have a prize pool yet for squads. At the end of each season, we will invite the top 3 teams to our FNPL Tournaments Discord, adding the winning teams to our “Featured Streamers” list on our website and Discord as well as tweeting out socials.

New Point System

The new point system will be designed to adjust on the match size. The more players there are in a single match, the more points the match is worth and the more placements we accept for submission. This gives incentive to play in larger lobbies for the chance at getting more points.

We will also only be accepting your top 10 matches from the season. Here are a few reasons for this change:

  • Eliminates RNG from bricking and dying off spawn. Even if you end up bricking 5-10 matches throughout the entire season, you still have the ability to beat a team who made all 30 matches.
  • You can always do better. Even if you hit your 10 match limit, you'd want to maintain your position by continuing to play and improving your top 10 matches. Every point counts!

Below you can see the placements allowed per lobby size and their associated points. These values may be tweaked before the next season starts, but should give you an idea of how the system will work. A graphic will be made for easier view shortly.

  • 6+ Team Match
    • Accept 1st & 2nd place
      • 1st place = 4 points
      • 2nd place = 3 points
  • 10+ Team Match
    • Accept 1st - 3rd place
      • 1st place = 8 points
      • 2nd place = 6 points
      • 3rd place = 4 points
  • 15+ Team Match
    • Accept 1st - 3rd place
      • 1st place = 14 points
      • 2nd place = 10 points
      • 3rd place = 8 points
  • 20+ Team Match
    • Accept 1st - 4th place
      • 1st place = 16 points
      • 2nd place = 12 points
      • 3rd place = 10 points
      • 4th place = 7 points

Schedule Change

As we said in our Duo League 2.0 announcement, we’re making slight adjustments to the league schedule. Starting next season, squads will be hosted on Friday instead of Saturday.

When does this all start?

The next season will be starting Friday, February 9th! We look forward to seeing you all there!