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  • Create an account on our website here.
  • You can see all the lobbies on our lobby page.
  • Choose the lobby you'd like to play in.
  • Load your content as seen here.
  • Listen for the countdown, and queue on "Go!"
  • The website will ask you for your match ID.
The schedule for snipes & league can be found here.
This role is achieved by being invited into the FNPL Tournament Discord. You can earn a chance to be invited by participating in our open leagues:
To be eligble for creator status, you need the following requirements:
  • 100,000 followers on Twitch or YouTube
  • Actively posting Fortnite content
  • If you meet these requirements, fill out a ticket on our support page


All you need is a team, you can learn how to create and manage your team on Discord.
Learn how to participate in the League here.
League points are updated at minimum 72 hrs after the matches. If you have still not received your points after this time, your match was either submitted incorrectly or rejected. View your team page for more information.


Message "code" to FNPL Bot and it will supply your code!
In your EPIC Games Social Settings, unselect the "Filter Mature Language" setting.
As of currently, we only allow one EPIC account per person.
We currently do not have a way to unlink your account. This will be available on profiles soon.

Additional Help

For further support, please make a ticket here.